Jim Volk, nationally award winning and critically acclaimed guitarist/multi instrumentalist released “Past Atmospheres-Present States” in 2017. chronicling over 15 years of recordings and 35 years compositionally. It is due to be reissued in LP and digital download soon.

The next album “Clear and Present Future” is due to be released 2022

In the mid 80's Volk founded Steel River Productions producing concerts of young, exceptionally talented musicians and songwriters in the Cleveland area.

Jim resided in Austin TX in the 90s recording and performing with many well and lesser known artists.

The turn of the century brought him back to Ohio and founded Steel River Recording.

Produced and promoted many concerts of fingerstyle guitar greats in Columbus.

 “Columbus Songwriters -The New Breed”, a collection of recordings of young, exceptionally talented musicians and songwriters in Columbus in 2017. Produced and released the debut album of Jack McCarthy, fine young singer/songwriter/guitarist the same year.

Inquire for purchase of all said CDs. jvolkguitar@gmail.com

Jim is and has been a full time guitar and other stringed instrument instructor for the last 19 years as well as instrument technician.

Presently celebrating over 50 years of merrily musing and composing!